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Decades of Experience in Quality Furniture Upholstery Services

You want quality, professional upholstery services for your furniture, boat, car and truck. For more than 50 years, the staff at D&N Upholstery has been helping hundreds of customers understand the best types of furniture to reupholster, how to select quality upholstery fabric that will last, and how to care for their newly reupholstered treasure.

Furniture repair and reupholstering furniture is the foundation of the services offered at D&N Upholstery. The staff understands the quality and durability of older, solid, upholstered furniture, and takes pride in making the old come alive again with a new look.

Have you found a furniture treasure in Grandma’s attic? D&N Upholstery will evaluate the piece’s construction and strength, and help you determine the best way to preserve that memory into an heirloom that will last for more generations.

Factors to consider include the furniture style, cost if you’ve purchased it somewhere, uniqueness, construction integrity, and how you would like it transformed into your own treasure. The memory of Grandma’s favorite chair can again become a useful item in your home that you will cherish for years.

Reupholster Your Attic Finds into Cherished Treasures

Furniture Upholstery Services by Qualified Technicians Blissfield MI

Choosing the right look for your upholstered furniture can be a daunting task, made easier with a huge selection of upholstery fabric right in the showroom of D&N Upholstery in Blissfield, MI. They will also analyze repairs that might be needed vs. a complete furniture recovering, frame repair, foam replacement, spring webbing and tying, cushion fillers, and other repair services.

Items that come into this repair shop are carefully and lovingly taken care of in the same location. You can be assured of quality craftsmanship with your furniture upholstery job, because D&N Upholstery completes all the upholstery and repair work at their location, instead of subcontracting the work to outside vendors.

D&N Upholstery specialists can reproduce a favorite design or develop a new design for your upholstered furniture. Find those quality furniture treasures, and let D&N Upholstery give them new life!

Whether it’s indoor furniture or outdoor furniture, recycling a piece with repairs and reupholstery can give new life to it. Some of the custom furniture upholstery services include:

  • Ottoman
  • Slipcovers
  • Sofas
  • Upholstered headboards
  • Couch covers
  • Leather furniture
  • Sofa covers
  • Upholstered chairs
  • Upholstered beds
  • Upholstered dining chairs
  • Bench cushion
  • Living room furniture
  • Cornices
  • Window Seats
  • And more!
D and N Upholstery Custom Reupholstery Services Blissfield MI

I’ve known Dave Bailey for 35 years, and he provides impeccable upholstery services; there’s no one like him. His team members are great, I think he’s got one of the best sewers around.

I have referred my customers over to D & N Upholstery, and they want perfection with their furniture re-upholstery. Dave’s team has pleased them every time. They are very service-oriented and will work with the customer to make sure they are satisfied.

We keep his business cards in our store, because I am always ready to pass his name on for quality upholstery services.

Barry Seidel

What A Find! Consignment for the Home, Tecumseh, Michigan

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