Hobbies often get more expensive as you get older, but they also last longer. A lot of neighborhood hotrod shows and cruise-ins are showing up throughout the Midwest; it’s a good time to showcase your hobby of restoring old cars or showing off the custom work on your favorite ride.

Quality makes a difference for this hobby, and having a custom auto upholstery job on the inside can bring a lot of viewers to your car when you’re showing her off. It’s pretty hard to get the right look and custom fit with a do-it-yourself attempt at car interiors, but an experienced auto upholstery service knows what materials to use and how to sew it up just right.

The sky’s the limit in choosing what type of fabric and colors you want inside. You can find colors and patterns that are traditional, trying to match the vintage appeal of a certain time period, or you can get wild and choose something really bold to make your car stand out.

Upholstery fabric for car seats, headliners, and even door panels have specific care instructions. Talk to someone who has completed these jobs before and can recommend the best type of fabric, vinyl or leather for your particular car.

Don’t expect a rush job; custom car interiors take a lot of work. Each seat is stripped down to the frame, checked for any needed repairs, and painstakingly built back up with fresh foam cushions, precise fitting and custom sewing. Are you replacing the headliner? Every single clip, seatbelt cover, speaker, light, and vent needs to be removed before the real work on the headliner begins. Cutting, fitting and stretching the new headliner fabric takes a special skill, and then all those interior gadgets need to be replaced.

When you’re planning your hot rod customization or your vintage car show schedule, you want her to look great. Check with the professionals who have done auto upholstery service before and get the job done right. D & N Upholstery has car interior work that’s been featured at many local car shows, so give them a call for your auto upholstery service.