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Reupholstering a piece of furniture, covering a boat, designing a hot rod interior, or choosing outdoor canvas for the patio can bring a lot of questions.

You may be confused at all the fabric, canvas, and upholstery choices available, but the experts at D & N Upholstery can help you with your selection, based on your own individual needs.

When considering new fabric to reupholster furniture, it is important to understand the type and amount of usage for that piece. A couch in the family room will probably get more daily use than a side chair in a formal sitting room that is only opened on the holidays.

Upholstery Fabric Choices Available at DN Upholstery Blissfield MI

How Durable is the Upholstery Fabric?

Not all upholstery fabric is the same, and there are some key points to consider when selecting fabric for your next furniture re-upholstery. A common question is “How long will this last?” and there is actually a durability test that qualified upholstery services rely on to help you understand that.

The Wyzenbeek Method measures the abrasion resistance of fabrics, of how many double-rubs it takes to wear out the fabric. This is important to know; the higher the number of rubs usually means the higher the durability of the fabric. So, the chair fabric that gets nearly 24-hour usage in a restaurant or hospital waiting area needs to have a higher Wyzenbeek score than a chair used part-time in an office area.

D & N Helps with Your Upholstery Fabric Choices

Re-upholstering a chair is a big decision, and it should start with understanding the chair (or other item of furniture). The experts at D & N Upholstery first take time to analyze the age of the chair, the soundness of construction, and how the chair will be used. They also determine if webbing or other elements of the chair need replacing in addition to the upholstery.

After determining the best type of fabric for the chair, customers are encouraged to take fabric sample books home with them, to look at the samples in their own rooms, with their own lighting, with the other furniture pieces and room decorations. A phone call will verify the upholstery fabric selection availability, pricing estimates, and job completion deadlines.

D & N Upholstery relies on quality materials to give you quality services. We are proud to represent the following manufacturers, and invite you to visit their websites to view their online fabric selections when making your next upholstery fabric choice.

Furniture Upholstery Fabric Companies

Greenhouse Design

Greenhouse Design and Greenhouse Fabrics – where you can view over 10,000 fabrics by color, category, or keyword. A unique on-site Project Board lets you save images of each fabric type, so that you can compare them all in one view.

United Fabrics

United Fabrics distributes upholstery and decorative fabrics, vinyl and genuine leather, and has been in business over 60 years. United Fabrics feature decorative textiles, and Pacific Hide & Leather brands are specialists in upholstery leather.

Great Lakes Fabrics

Great Lakes offers both Upholstery Fabric and Marine Canvas. The founders originally came from Europe in 1952. Since then, two generations of the family now help customers with fabric selections for furniture.


Stout Textiles and Trimmings began in 1927 and is a fourth generation family business, offering multipurpose, drapery and upholstery fabric with detailed embroidered designs.

Luxury Fabrics

Luxury Fabrics was established in 1966, and offers performance-designed Nano-Tex treatment on the upholstery fabric, and covalent bonding of fabric fibers that repels spills and stains while keeping the fabric soft.

Robert Allen

Robert Allen, celebrating 75 years in the furniture upholstery business, offers a variety of classic, modern, and natural designs in many colors, patterns and textures.

Commercial Fabric Upholstery and Panels

Mayer Fabrics

Mayer Fabrics has an extensive textile line suitable for corporate, hospitality, healthcare, retail, institutional and congregational environments, with GREENGUARD certified fabrics.

CF Stinson

Corporate, hospitality, healthcare and educational entities appreciate the lasting durability of Stinson fabrics, which include Crypton® and Crypton® Green collections.

Burch Fabrics

Burch Fabrics uses innovative thinking in their fabrics, with progressive collections of Crypton®, high performance seating, earth friendly options, polyurethanes, vinyls and vertical surface fabric.

Outdoor Fabric and Vinyl


Patio deck furniture, awnings, marine carpeting and fabric are just some of the uses of the TriVantage solutions, which specialize in specialty fabrics used in outdoor environments.

Marine Boat Seats


Wise manufactures seat assemblies and related items for road machinery, fork-lift trucks, farm equipment, trucks, golf carts, pleasure boats and other miscellaneous equipment.

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