Custom Motorcycle Seat Covers

Motorcycle Seats Offering the Most Comfortable Ride

D & N Upholstery believes in offering quality and comfort for your ride, so we custom-install the gel pads into your motorcycle seats to make your long trips more comfortable. The motorcycle upholstery services are custom built for your body and the bike seat, ensuring you get the most out of your riding experience, whether it’s a short trip around town or a cross-country tour.

Bike seats come in a variety of shapes, colors, and comfort levels – but that doesn’t mean you can’t have choices your way. The reupholstery services for motorcycle seats can include foam repair and foam shaping, gel pad insertion, and complete assembly of your seat. There won’t be any Velcro straps holding your seat cover in place, it’s going to be completely installed for your comfort.

 Affordable, Fast Motorcycle Seat Comfort

Installing a comfortable gel pad is more affordable than you might think, and the turn-around time for this service is fast so that you can get back on the road within days.

Basic reupholstering and conditioning is an affordable way of prolonging the life of your motorcycle seat, ATV seat, trail bike, or snowmobile seat. A variety of colors and upholstery choices are available.

The service, quality and affordability with D&N Upholstery for your motorcycle seats with gel pads or complete motorcycle upholstery job can’t be beat in Southeastern Michigan!

I had my BMW R1150GS seat reupholstered by D & N, and let me tell you, it’s amazing what Dave and his team did for my seat. This seat was plain worn out. With 105,000 miles on it, it felt like you were sitting on a 2 X 12. D & N added new foam, a gel pad, and a new 3-piece cover, and it’s simply amazing how comfortable it is. I can now ride long hours in the saddle with this seat. Thanks so much Dave. It’s perfect!
Jeff Nieman


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