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Upholstery Blissfield MINot all upholstery and reupholstery services are the same, but D&N Upholstery has lived up to professional, high-quality standards for more than 50 years. Going the extra mile for their customers is what has made them the preferred upholstery service in Southeastern Michigan.

Plus, not all furniture is the same; some deserves to be lovingly restored, while others have not been built to last as long. The specialists at D&N understand the reupholstery challenges for specific types of furniture. Dave Bailey, Owner of D&N, explains that they begin working on a piece by checking for the soundness of the structure. “We won’t cover something just for the sake of covering it. We want to be sure you will be satisfied for the long-term.”

Sometimes reupholstery service also involves furniture repairs, or replacement of springs, webbing, and other furniture parts. If the furniture originated with solid construction, it’s worth the cost and effort to keep it looking great for another lifetime.

There are decisions to be made with upholstery and reupholstery services, especially the big choice of picking out the fabric. The furniture specialists try to make the fabric selection as convenient as possible, offering fabric samples to take home and compare with the room and surrounding furniture, often providing pickup and delivery within a certain distance.

Commercial Upholstery and
Residential Upholstery

The needs are the same, no matter where the item of furniture is located. But, the fabric selection, furniture usage, and age of the furniture varies between commercial upholstery jobs and upholstery services for furniture in your home.

D&N Upholstery works with a number of large hospitals, schools, businesses, and other organizations to provide the quality, care, and quick service that they’ve come to expect from the upholstery team. That quick service is measured throughout the project, following a production schedule and meeting the deadlines that are set with each customer. Individual, residential customers can rely on the same promises as those given to large corporations.

Dave Bailey sums up his customer dedication well when he says,

“We want to make sure the person is getting something that will last. We believe in providing a quality upholstery and reupholstery service with good value for our customers.”

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