Boating and fishing season are meant to be relaxing and enjoyable, so equip your boat with a bimini top to give you protection from the sun. Likewise, in between boat excursions, secure your property and protect the interior with a snug-fitting boat cover to deter vandals or varmits.

If your boat already has a bimini top that isn’t looking too good anymore, or it has tears or holes in it, a qualified reupholstery specialist can replace it at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Here are some tips to consider when replacing covers and bimini tops on your boat:

  • Make sure the tubing construction is still solid and not rusted through in any areas.
  • Choose marine-grade canvas or vinyl for the cover and top. This type of fabric is weather-resistant, UV and mildew-resistant. Cotton boat covers or simple tarps won’t protect your investment well enough as the marine-grade materials.
  • A boat upholstery specialist knows how to bind and finish the edges, reinforcing the seams and corners for long-lasting use.
  • Pick a fabric that is easy to clean, like the Sunbrella line of outdoor fabrics. Keeping your boat in tip-top shape and clean will make it last longer and you will enjoy sharing it more for regular fishing and relaxing. We found a video, below, that shows how easy it is to keep you bimini and boat cover clean.

Sunbrella fabrics come in a variety of colors, so you can mix or match to your boat’s finish. They also have coordinating fabrics, so if you want to give your seating and cushions a fresh look, there is a large variety of fabrics, patterns, and colors to choose from. Any boat can look like new after you give it a good spring cleaning and stylish fabrics inside.

Enjoy a longer boating season with quality bimini tops that keep you comfortable on the water; and call D & N Upholstery now to get yours in shape this year.