Are you looking forward to getting on the water with your boat to enjoy some fishing or just trolling around? You probably have a whole list of check-ups to make sure your boat is ready to come out of storage and into the water. Protect your boat between fishing trips by using a quality boat cover; and here are some tips to consider.

Should you cover your boat with a new or used cover?

It may be tempting to get a used boat cover, but do a careful inspection. Check the cover for holes and worn spots; check the seams for stability, and inspect the folds or creases to make sure there is no cracking or fraying in areas.

Stock covers or a custom boat cover?

Buying a stock cover, where the boat cover fits many models of boats, may not be in your best interest. Stock covers are fitted merely by sizing the centerline length and beam of your boat. A custom cover, however, will include measurements for the console style, length, width, and beam; and it will be constructed with reinforced seams at critical stretch points. The boat cover should fit with no looseness or flapping.

Which material should you use?

Think of durability when you choose the material for your boat cover. Some are made from vinyl, polyester, or a poly-blend of either cotton or canvas. Cotton boat covers are the least desired, and simple tarps are not strong or form-fitting enough to deter curious, chewing animals.

A quality boat cover will include the following:

  • UV and mildew resistance
  • Water resistance
  • Reinforced seams and corners
  • Strong tie down straps
  • Full cockpit covers protect the boat controls
  • It should fit like a glove

A boat cover protects your investment – not only the interior of your boat, but also your electronics, seats, and other things you store inside your boat. Hot sun & weather isn’t good for boats; even though they are made to be outdoors they still need protection. Plus, a good, quality boat cover can last around 10-12 years, which is much more affordable than completely re-doing the boat interior for thousands of dollars every couple of years.

D & N Upholstery can help you cover your boat right this season, and we work on many smaller fishing boats for inland lakes. Call us today about a new Sunbrella Canvas boat cover.