Running a profitable primary care provider business requires tight control of expenses and careful corporate decisions.

One area to realize a cost savings is to take advantage of a medical office upholstery service to extend the life of waiting room furniture and exam room tables.

Commercial grade furniture is expensive to replace; so more medical facilities are seeking qualified reupholstery experts to provide refurbishment to existing furniture items throughout the office. Here are some considerations when hiring an upholstery service.

Choose a Reputable Business

Reupholstering involves a lot of detailed work, and could take a few weeks to accomplish under normal production schedules. It’s important to find a specialist who has done similar work before, and can meet the deadlines needed to replace chairs and tables in a timely manner.

Because there are many chairs in a waiting room area, a pattern is usually developed from one of the chairs, and material is prepared in advance for the total chairs that need re-upholstery. An upholstery expert can quickly examine each chair, adjust or repair joints or other areas, replace foam and recover the chair to a like-new condition again.

Discuss Material Options

Crypton® fabric is a popular choice for medical offices because of the long-lasting durability. It is one of the most stain-resistant fabrics available, and has a moisture barrier to prevent accidents or spills from soaking through the fibers. It is also odor-resistant and anti-microbial, an important consideration around germs and infections.

An upholstery expert can also advise on fabric choices, presenting the best options depending on the amount of usage for each item. Typically, fabric that has a wear-rating of one million double-rubs will withstand the high use requirements of a waiting room environment.

More decisions in a medical environment are evolving to an aesthetically-comforting appearance, and upholstery fabric can help turn a waiting room from a cold, uninviting environment into a warm atmosphere. There are a variety of color and pattern choices available, enhancing the design of the room and replacing a previous institutionalized appearance.

A medical office upholstery service should include quality material, completed by a craftsman who is skilled with reupholstering a variety of furniture types.