You found the ideal, comfy couch that will fit perfectly in the remodeling project of your family room. It’s the perfect size, shape, and style that you’ve been looking for, and will really showcase the room’s appearance when the project is finished.

Unfortunately, the part that isn’t perfect is the wrong color of upholstery fabric, and it’s been stored in an outdoor storage facility so it’s filthy.

Reupholstering a couch can be a cost-effective way of adding new items to a home remodeling project, but you need to know how to find the help to get your furniture looking great.

Here are some tips for selecting an upholstery service for your next furniture repair project.


Know the reputation of the upholstery service. Find a skilled technician who has done upholstery repairs for quite a while and has a successful business helping others with their furniture reupholstery. Stay away from the back-yard hobbyists, who may not be knowledgeable about all types of furniture, fabric, and repair methods.

Next, seek the advice of others who have used the upholstery service and find out how they liked the services, the final product, and their overall satisfaction. Past customers can provide the best information about their experience, and will highly recommend a furniture repair specialist who is good.


What types of upholstery service does the business provide? If slipcovers are all they make and you’re looking for a complete strip-down and rebuild of the couch, then you should know their services up front. Check to see how well they understand your vision for new upholstery, what they recommend, and how they explain the process to you. Understand in advance how long the project will take.


A lower price doesn’t mean a better bargain when it comes to upholstery service and furniture repair, but a reputable business should provide estimates before working on your item. Someone who is experienced in the business can estimate the length of time it will take for the project, any additional repairs or parts that may be necessary, and the overall cost in advance.


Understand what happens when your reupholstered couch leaves the furniture repair shop. What type products should be used to keep it looking great, and how will the business guarantee their work?

A trusted upholstery service can help you get a new treasure out of a rescued piece of furniture that’s built to last and ready for reupholstering. D & N Upholstery has repaired thousands of furniture items to a new look, providing quality upholstery service to hundreds of satisfied customers.