Thinking about building a man cave in your home? Rooms like this often include a custom design based on the use of the space. The theme may dictate what type of furniture to use, but here are some other man cave choices to consider.

According to Wikipedia, and thousands of man cave owners, this space is a retreat designed for solitude, hobbies, or socializing with friends.

Your space may be used for watching the latest sporting event on a big screen TV. It could include a high-end billiards table and well-stocked bar. Maybe you’ll turn it into a gaming room with a huge movie area. Or maybe it’s just a place for some quiet solitude, to read classics and contemplate life’s interesting moments.

Furnishings Considered Essential

Although each man cave is different, the common use is a location to sit and relax, and probably eat and drink a bunch of snacks.

A mini-fridge or kegerator might be high on the list, depending on your refreshment preferences. Easy access to the patio? Then include a super-sized grill or smoker for some hearty snacks.

What about a game table? Poker or other card games can have their own table space, while others relax with darts, pool, ping pong, or similar games.

Of course, if your man cave is a home theater or media room, you’ll want to include the latest, greatest technology and sound system you can.

Your other half may insist on color-coordinated storage areas elsewhere in the house, but simple shelving or storage bins can work for hiding stuff or putting it all away. Double up tables or ottomans with built-in storage to safe extra floor space.

Masculine Styles of Furniture

Relaxing is probably the biggest priority in a man cave. Look for large sofas and chairs that are oversized, ready to accept the frame of any buddies who frequent the big and tall stores. Popular choices in man-cave furniture upholstery include leather and durable vinyl; and our recommended brands are Sunbrella® or Crypton® fabrics.

If your space is more of a den or study filled with bookshelves and high-end tables, you probably want genuine leather lounge chairs or a high-back desk chair.

Bar stools are also a popular furniture item. These should include an upholstery choice that is stain and water resistant and easy to clean. Face it, beer doesn’t always stay neatly in the glass, especially in the heat of a conversation.

Theater chairs provide comfort while binge-watching favorite movies or the latest game. Look for plenty of support with lots of cushion for comfort. Favorite fabrics for these include leather and waterproof vinyl.

A leather recliner with built-in headrest, lumbar support or massage functions take away the day’s aches while relaxing in style.

Reupholster Furniture to Last

There are a lot of choices when it comes to furniture finishes. But, the furniture in your man cave might take a lot of abuse, wear and tear.

You might find a bargain online for chairs, but if they fall apart after the first big game; it was a total waste. Not to mention the reputation of your man cave accommodations among your buddies.

Look for sturdy, well-built furniture that is constructed for lots of use. Check to see if the legs are incorporated in the frame; this will be sturdier than screw-in legs. Reinforced joints, extra cushion and durable fabric might make a huge difference in how many games it can last through.

Talk with a qualified furniture upholsterer to plan the best options for your furniture. Popular choices often come in a variety of colors and patterns to fit the theme of your man cave. If you find older or antique furniture to use in your man cave, get a quote from D&N Upholstery to make it like new again with the right fabric or leather.