If you’re thinking about changing things around your home for a family get-together, special event, or holiday celebration, one room to consider easy changes in is the dining room. You may not be able to afford an entire new dining room set, but there are a few things to try with the dining room chairs that will give the entire room a different, updated appearance.

The dining room has a specific purpose, with specific furniture pieces. The obvious furniture includes table and chairs or stools, perhaps with additional pieces of a buffet stand, sideboard, or china cabinet. Depending on your level of ambition, a makeover project with your furniture can be less expensive than buying a new set.

Refinishing Wood Dining Sets

Visit Pinterest online to view thousands of photos for DIY dining room makeovers. Some include complete refurbishing of the wood surfaces, while others focus on minimal but appealing changes using upholstery fabric and paint.

In past years, the type of wood used often set the tone of formality in the dining room. For instance, the dark brownish-red mahogany wood was often considered for very formal dining rooms.  Oak furniture can come in many shades, with lighter oak furniture lending itself to a casual atmosphere. Rough wood often gives the impression of farmhouse or country-style, while glass-topped furniture gives a modern appearance.

Reupholstering Dining Chairs

Reupholstering the chairs may be an ambitious DIY project, or it may be better left to an experienced upholstery service. If your chairs merely have a seat pad or cushion, changing the material can give the room a different look and feel.

However, fully upholstered chairs usually require more extensive skill in matching fabric patterns, installing welts or piping, fabric skirting, and proper reassembly. The shape of the chair also indicates the level of reupholstery expertise needed.

Upholstery Fabric and Additional Fabric Accents

The upholstery fabric selected for the chairs should be durable and comfortable. Fabric that has been tested with the Wyzenbeek method will have a durability score that indicates how well that fabric will stand up to repeated use without showing excessive wear and tear.

The Wyzenbeek machine performs an abrasion test that repeatedly performs a double-rub in both directions of the fabric. Basically, it determines how many times can the fabric sample come in contact (rubbed against) another fabric before wearing becomes evident.

Consider using the same pattern or color for fabric in a table runner, placemats, or napkins. Or, a complementary color or pattern provide extra splashes of color that dress up the table from a distance.

Selecting the right fabric, color or pattern can be overwhelming; there are thousands of choices available. One benefit of using an upholstery service is relying on their expertise and recommendations.

If you are ready to tackle the upholstery changes yourself, visit D&N Upholstery to see the large selection of upholstery fabric available. Sample booklets can be checked out to compare fabric types with your carpeting and lighting at home.

Or, if you’re ready for a new upholstered look in the dining room, the team at D&N Upholstery can give the chairs a makeover for you!