There are only two ways to reupholster a sofa – do it yourself, or get it done right. The DIY option is for those who are brave, and don’t mind going without the sofa for weeks (or months) while it’s torn apart, measured, and hopefully put back together. Of course, you may need to ignore slight puckers and bulges where things didn’t come together correctly.

A professional upholstery service can reupholster a sofa in a relatively short amount of time. And, since they are experienced, they know just how to disassemble and reassemble down to the very last detail. While there are additional costs involved with hiring a professional, there are many added benefits.

Fabric knowledge

How much will the sofa be used, and by what type of audience? This is often one of the first questions to ask when determining which type of fabric to use. The pretty colors and patterns usually come later in the selection process. A fabric upholstery expert will recommend certain brands or weaves of fabric in order to provide the durability needed for the environment. He can also provide fabric swatches to help you choose the colors, patterns, and overall look of the sofa with your other furniture – before you’ve taken the time to reupholster it.

Wear and Tear Inspection

Reupholstering a sofa professionally will also include an inspection of the foundation and structure of the furniture piece. Springs and joints are checked, as well as assembly, to determine if additional repairs are needed.

Cushion Density

How comfy is your couch now? Reupholstering an existing couch sometimes determines how dense the seating and cushions can be, in order to preserve the overall look of the couch. An expert can select various grades of foam cushion to make a difference in the seating area.

Assembly and Enhancements

Finally, reupholstering means correct reassembly and adding extra embellishments like tacks or piping around the edges. Finally, there will usually be some type of warranty included when a professional reupholsters a sofa.