Grandma loved her old furniture, but maybe it doesn’t fit in with your modern home’s styling. Reupholstering her old furniture can make it new again – by using your ideas for colors, patterns, and overall design. Here are some tips when considering reupholstering quality, older furniture.

Where will the furniture be used?

Back in Grandma’s day, certain pieces of furniture were used in certain rooms, and you didn’t rearrange them to another room. A favorite rocking chair could have sat in the same corner for years, because that was where it belonged.

But, once you get to take that rocking chair to your own home, you may want to showcase it instead of tucking it away in a corner. Think about where you might enjoy the rocking chair, and switch it to different parts of the room. The fun of having quality furniture pieces is rearranging them for a fresh look, without spending a lot of money for new furniture.

What are the lighting conditions in the room?

A favorite wing-backed chair near a sunny window made a comfortable reading spot at Grandma’s house. Unfortunately, it showed after time, with the sun fading the upholstery where it shown into the window every day. Moving the chair to another location is probably out of the question, unless you figure out how to hide the faded side of the chair.

When you get that wing-backed chair for your home, think about the lighting conditions, and protect the fabric from long exposure to bright sunlight whenever possible.

How much use will it get?

Formal, older homes had a sitting room that was only used for guests on occasional visits. The room was often kept closed, because it was supposed to be ready for guests, not used every day. The furniture in Grandma’s sitting room might have looked beautiful, but you may want to sit in those chairs more than just an occasional Sunday afternoon.

Depending on how much you’ll use the chair, there are different types of fabric to choose. Talk with a qualified reupholstery specialist about the best fabric choices for the amount of use you think the furniture will get.

Do you have questions about Grandma’s furniture coming into your home? The experts at D & N Upholstery can help you make the right selections when it comes to reupholstering furniture.