When you think of the colors of autumn, do you think of neutral, earthy colors or vibrant, bright colors inspired by the changing leaves? Fall is the perfect time for a room makeover, whether it is a complete overhaul with furniture reupholstery or some simple changes to accent pieces throughout the room.

Fall neutral colors can include the customary tan, beige, and green shades; but it can also include muted mauve, medium greys, and other colors found in a forest. As a contrast, the brightness of autumn brought indoors adds a little excitement to a room as the weather begins to turn rainy and dreary. Think of the fall flowers and capture the vibrant oranges, reds, yellows and burgundy colors that can brighten up a neutral room quickly.

One trend that is popular this fall is high contrast, such as pairing up soft, muddy tones as the main color with the burst of bright colors as highlights. A darker feature wall that is painted in a room will get a fall makeover by hanging brightly-colored frames, artwork, or prints from nature to give the wall a look that pops.

The same can happen with furniture, without experiencing the cost of an entire reupholstery for your couch or loveseat. If your furniture is already a neutral shade, visit your favorite upholstery shop for some bright fabric that can be turned into throw pillows, table runners, and picture frames. Changing accent pillows or covers on furniture is a cost-effective way of keeping up with color trends as the seasons change.

As the year progresses, many people think of holiday gift-giving, and a seasonal gift that lasts for years is reupholstering a favorite reading chair or ottoman. Look at the upcoming winter design trends for inspiration, again thinking of nature. The whites and blue hues of snow can be contrasted with patterns that are traditional but stylish, or modern and eclectic.

If a furniture makeover is part of your idea for seasonal design changes, consider the length of time needed to complete the job thoroughly. An experience reupholstery specialist often schedules jobs weeks ahead, so if you are looking for some holiday design ideas as a gift, call now to get the job scheduled in time. An alternative is a gift certificate for the project, so you can include the recipient in the fun process of selecting fabrics, colors, and patterns.

The days of boring colors for furniture upholstery are gone. The thousands of color choices and pattern selections available at D & N Upholstery can make a design change in your home a fun experience that can change with each season! Call us today to discuss the right upholstery fabric for your projects.