It seems as if auctions are a popular pastime, and are available year-round. If you’re thinking of buying furniture at an auction, here are some tips to keep in mind – before, during, and after the auction.

Do your research before the auction

Many auction houses or auctioneers have their auction information listed on a website, often with photos of upcoming auction items. More reputable auctioneers know the approximate value or history of items, especially when it comes to artwork, furniture, and other antique items. Since they want to get the highest bid for these items, they usually provide helpful information prior to the auction. Compare their description, stated age of the furniture, and condition if you can see it in a photo, and research the type of furniture and similar pricing elsewhere.

During the auction, watch your movements

Auction novices have found themselves with unwanted items because they had allergies that gave them an itchy nose that day, or they scratched their head at the wrong time. Find your desired pieces of furniture ahead of bidding time, choose your ideal seat to get a good view of the auctioneer if possible, and be vigilant with bidding correctly. Set your budget ahead of time, and be aware of rapidly rising bids, so you know whether to continue bidding or graciously back out.

Take care of the item after the auction

Transporting older or antique furniture can be a challenge, so make arrangements to have the items wrapped in heavy cloths or extra blankets, moved carefully on furniture dollies, and transported in an enclosed truck. If the auction furniture you’ve won is going to be reupholstered, arrange to deliver it to your favorite upholstery specialist.

If going to an auction is a new hobby for you, remember these simple tips for buying furniture, and enjoy your winnings! D & N Upholstery specializes in quality reupholstery service for quality, older furniture, similar to what you might find at an auction.