Craftsmanship of yester-year is of a different quality, especially when it comes to furniture – and this is a major point when considering reupholstering furniture. Here are some tips about furniture reupholstery that could save you money, or save the life of a quality piece of furniture.

Look at the furniture frame, and see how solid the structure is. Older furniture often used quality hardwood, meant to withstand the ages. Today’s furniture is often built with types of wood that are pressed or formed together, and the assembly of these pieces often shows mass-production methods instead of the individual attention that older furniture received.

Furniture reupholstery, when done right, takes the piece down to the “bare bones” and often involves special skills. The item might need frame reinforcement or joint repair, replacing of the springs and other individual components that make up the piece of furniture even before the cushy comfort is added. These minor improvements or repairs to an older item can prolong the life many years.

Next, consider the type of cushioning material used in the original piece. Often, a fresh insert can make a world of difference in how comfortable the furniture is. While using the original interior might save money, the best reupholstery service considers at the overall density, the longevity of the piece, and the amount of use it will withstand. Fresh foam or cushions can give new life to an older piece of furniture.

Finally, the upholstery fabric chosen for the job can determine a lot. A good upholsterer can offer suggestions on fabric types, patterns, and colors. Typically, a very round-looking piece doesn’t lend well to an extremely straight fabric pattern, but could look amazing with a small, repeating pattern. The upholstery fabric should also withstand the normal rub testing required for furniture types. We’ve published a good explanation of the Wyzenbeek double-rub testing – click here to review it.

Furniture reupholstery should be done with quality material, using a craftsman who is skilled with a variety of furniture types. Remember that D & N Upholstery specializes in giving new life to older furniture!