Eclectic interior design often combines different styles of furniture and time periods together in the same room. When done right, it can look like a magazine feature layout.

Family room furniture should fit the needs of each person in the home – from those who want soft comfort to those looking for firm support in a chair. But, for an upscale appearance, the differences in furniture types and styles need to blend well and complement each other.

A modern great room often includes the dining area, living room, study area, and kitchen. Here are some ideas to harmonize them for a cohesive look when different styles are combined.

Color Pallet

This may be an obvious choice, but colors in a great room should flow to each functional section of the combined areas. The colors used for the sitting area could be repeated or complemented on the dining room chairs when a large room arrangement includes many functions.

While the same color shades on every item can appear sterile and boring, a wild variety of colors can fight for visual attention.

A deliberate color pallet unites the furniture pieces and creates a flow for the eye to follow. Consider using two or three complementary colors.

Fabric Patterns

Eclectic designs pair up a variety of shapes and textures. This can be accomplished with upholstery choices, if a few short guidelines are considered.

A very large, strong pattern is often used as a focal piece. Limiting this strong pattern to one piece of furniture helps draw attention to it.

Look at the components of that strong pattern and pick out minor details that could be replicated on other furniture pieces, in a smaller size. For instance, if the large, strong pattern includes a floral design, then other furniture pieces using a fabric of tiny leaf patterns might complement it well.

Additional Elements

Consider the area rug or artwork hanging on the wall. If a defined shape or color scheme is evident, this may indicate similar preferences when selecting upholstery fabric.

Round shapes in a wall hanging can be reproduced in a smaller pattern of round elements in the upholstery of an accent chair. That same upholstery selection can also be used as a throw pillow on the couch and a table runner in the dining room, providing an interconnected appearance of furniture groupings.

Adding layers to an eclectic design gives visual impact to the room. Different textures, like a shaggy pillow or throw rug, can be combined to soften the hard silhouette shapes of a couch.

The geometric shapes of modern furniture styles can blend with traditional furniture pieces when a complementary color pallet and pattern are selected. If you are facing the challenge of combining furniture types in the same room, call D & N Upholstery for recommendations on upholstery fabric choices.