Some people enjoy tax time of the year – they are planning to use money from a tax refund for special purchases or projects, such as reupholstering furniture for a new look. Consider the following when deciding about the value of reupholstering furniture.

Is reupholstering worth the cost?

Compare the cost of new furniture to the cost of reupholstering a piece that you love, and you’ll probably find that giving your existing furniture a new look will be an overall cost savings. When the item of furniture is made of quality craftsmanship, it’s been built to last decades, compared to some newer furniture brands that feature lesser quality, man-made or pre-fab materials.

Updating an existing piece of furniture can be cost-effective also. If you want a softer or firmer seat, less piping and accents, or a longer skirt on the couch, reupholstering your existing pieces will definitely save you money and give you the look and comfort you want.

Is the furniture worth the effort?

Not all furniture is built the same, and the older pieces tend to be more structurally sound and assembled in a more solid manner. Furniture with solid hardwood framing and joints that are assembled with wood support pieces are built to last as a rule. These pieces, typically 15 years or older, will provide generations of use since they had quality construction to begin with.

Furniture reupholstery can give a new look to an item of sentimental value. You can’t always place a dollar value on a favorite wing-back chair inherited from grandma, but the satisfaction of giving it more years of life is rewarding.

Planning your budget for a furniture reupholstery project should include the cost of the fabric, new foam padding or other springs and replacement parts, and the cost of labor by a qualified furniture reupholstery specialist. Some do-it-yourself projects end up costing more money before the project is finished, merely because of the inexperience involved.

D&N Upholstery will honestly tell you if your furniture item is worth reupholstering. They enjoy working on quality crafted furniture, and making it last for future generations.