If you are trying to reduce the cost of running a medical office, an exam table upholstery service will save a lot of money when compared to buying new exam tables. Here are three things to consider for any type of medical office furniture reupholstery.

What is Included in a Reupholstery Estimate?

A basic estimate for any service usually includes labor time and materials. A car mechanic presents the estimate this way, as well as a local plumber or electrician. However, there are many variables that could be included in an exam table reupholstery estimate.

The design of the table plays a crucial factor in the labor cost; and whether the table has removable pads. Disassembling medical equipment may be complex if it is built with a lot of wires and adjustments within the table and padding area. The time to disassemble and reassemble the exam table is usually included in the estimate.

Variables that affect the material costs might include whether the foam needs to be replaced, if additional repairs are needed on the frame, and the type of upholstery fabric used. And, the materials differ from one type of table to another.

For instance, a chiropractic adjustment table usually includes a firmer cushion at the base of the surface, which gives the stability needed during a chiropractic adjustment. Then, a softer cushion provides better comfort for the customer, and is usually layered between the base foam and the upholstery fabric.

A massage table may be constructed more basically, but could have different requirements regarding the foam density.

Location and Turnaround Time

The turnaround time often depends on the number of exam tables that need to be upholstered, and where the service will be performed. Some upholstery specialists do all the service work at their own facility.

Transportation might be factored into the cost of the project; and whether the tables are transported fully-assembled, or if just the padded pieces are taken back to the shop to work on. Due to their size, even a few fully-assembled tables may require additional trips, when compared to just the padded pieces being transported.

Other specialists may work out a schedule that allows for the work to be done off-hours at your medical office; but this might come at a premium rate. It also may need to include additional workers to get the work finished before normal business hours.

Why is Crypton® Fabric Recommended in a Medical Office?

Standards across the medical industry are specific for anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties, and currently, Crypton® fabric meets those standards. Crypton® Fabric is an engineered textile, and meets requirements for stain resistance, water resistance, abrasion, tearing strength, breaking strength, seam slippage, flammability, and resistance to fungal and bacterial growth.

The fabric also prohibits the growth of molds, and bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, E coli, and MRSA, as well as viruses like HIV and Hepatitis.

Crypton® Fabric is made to be durable and long-lasting, easy to clean, and nice to look at. Many colors and patterns are available, and can be ordered through a qualified upholstery specialist. The value of this fabric is worth the investment, due to the engineering properties and longevity when properly cleaned.

Reducing costs in a medical office can include wise choices of reupholstering furniture vs. buying new items. Call D & N Upholstery to schedule your exam table reupholstery today.