At D & N Upholstery, we get to help a lot of bikers have a more comfortable ride with a custom motorcycle seat using gel pads. There are a few different ways of reupholstering a bike seat for comfort, and the methods we’ve used for years have been popular with bikers across the country.

Memory foam or gel pad?

Really, it’s a personal preference for your butt, but we don’t see much increase in puffiness with memory foam. In fact, from comments we’ve heard, memory foam doesn’t always give the long-lasting support that you’d think.

We have found that building a custom bike seat with gel pads gives a better “fit like a glove” comfort for you and your rider. Shaping and trimming new foam on the main seat sections, and then installing the right density of gel pads provides the right level of comfort. We also install a layer of headliner fabric over the gel pad during assembly, and to protect the rider from feeling like he’s sat on a hot or sweaty seat in the summertime.

Dark or light colors?

When reupholstering a motorcycle seat, there isn’t a huge difference for repelling heat when comparing a dark fabric color to a lighter one. It’s a matter of color preference and what you think will look good on your bike. When the motorcycle is out in the hot sun, the seat is going to get warm, so pick the seat cover you want and enjoy the overall look once it’s on your bike.

Compare Motorcycle Seat Covers

Not all motorcycle seat covers give the same level of comfort, and some of the add-on covers you Velcro-strap to your bike could pose problems if they shift around while you’re riding.

Factory seat replacements usually have plenty of foam, but the foam density often makes the seat seem like you’re sitting on a rock. A factory seat doesn’t have the extra padding or trimmed areas you need for your height and size for sitting.

Every biker customer we’ve had appreciates the attention to detail they get with a custom motorcycle seat cover – they have a new look for their bike saddle and a price that’s affordable. Turn-around time for bike seats with gel pads is usually pretty quick, so you and your passenger can get back on the road and enjoy your ride!