Planning your road trip for summer vacation this year? Cold winter days are a great time to daydream about riding in the sun with the wind in your face for a long haul cross-country on your bike. Take some time now for motorcycle upkeep and upgrades, before you start riding your bike every day.

This is the perfect time of year to get a new custom motorcycle seat with comfortable foam or gel pads for your bike. A stock motorcycle seat just doesn’t cut it for long rides, and you can upgrade your seat for a fraction of the cost of a full custom seat.

Before bike season starts, check over your seat for cracks, tears, or problems. Constant exposure to the rain during riding season can make a ride uncomfortable when the seat has been saturated because it needs repairs.

Don’t skimp and buy an attachable cover. Portable seat covers just don’t give a relaxed ride because you need to frequently adjust or tighten the cover to get rid of bumps and make sure it stays on your bike seat evenly.

Have a professional take your measurements and check how you sit on the bike. Talk through any problems you have, like numbness or seat rubs in the wrong place, or contours that don’t fit your butt. Get the comfort level you want by recovering your seat and adding new foam or gel pads.

Bike vacations are super-economical, and something to look forward to with a motorcycle seat that makes it worthwhile.