Technology makes a lot of things better, but sometimes the best way to improve something is to use what works and keep the cost affordable. While there are some newer air-cooled methods for adding comfort to your motorcycle seat, custom-fit foam and gel pads are often the most popular and least expensive.

Seasonal bike riders typically work on upgrades to their ride during colder weather, when they can’t be out enjoying the road and the sun. And, there are a lot of ways to upgrade your bike – custom chrome, a new paint job or pinstripes, or a new motorcycle seat.

If you’re replacing a stock seat with something custom, it might be costly, depending on what you’re looking for. The most requested upgrade when it comes to seats, is to add just the right amount of foam with a gel pad insert, formed and fitted specifically to the bike rider and passenger.

Here are some things to consider when ordering a new seat or customizing and reupholstering an existing seat.

Your height and weight are important measurements, and specifically your inseam measurement. These figures, along with a description of how you site on your ride, can help a qualified upholstery specialist develop the right fit for you.

Get double the comfort at the same time. It may be your ride, but your lady will appreciate a little extra padding on her part of the seat also. When you’re getting your seat recovered, the coziness factor can improve if you think of customizing her part of the seat also.

Does color matter? It depends on who you talk to, so get what you want to look good on your bike. People often think that lighter colors don’t absorb as much heat from the sun, but pick the bike upholstery that fits your look and style.

Finally, find someone who knows how to reupholster the seat on a motorcycle and save yourself the time. And, since you’re upgrading off the normal bike riding season, you probably won’t even miss shipping your seat off to have it made better. Turnaround time for a bike seat customization can be relatively quick.

Long distance riding may make your butt go to sleep, but a custom motorcycle seat with gel pads has been proven to offer so much comfort that longer distances are no problem.