With ideal weather finally arriving in Southeastern Michigan, bike riders are starting to plan for road trips, and some riders may want to think about reupholstering their motorcycle seat for better comfort this season.

There are a few things to consider when replacing or enhancing your motorcycle seat – with comfort being the top of the list. Since there are so many types of bikes, the stock seats just aren’t designed to fit every person. Your height, weight, and inseam make a difference, as well as the overall saddle height on the bike already. The bike design typically indicates a different type of saddle height, with cruisers having a lower saddle than sport bikes. Knowing your type of bike will be helpful in making sure your seat fits your body.

You may decide to upgrade your existing seat with some additional foam, customized foam that is shaped for your body better, or even a gel pad for extra comfort. A quality upholstery service can take an existing bike seat, along with your measurements, and produce a seat that is much more comfortable, usually within a quick turn-around time.

While reupholstering your bike seat, consider the type of material also, as well as the color. Now is the time to make a change, if you’ve been thinking about a different look for your motorcycle.

Finally, getting a bike seat that really fits your bottom, and your passenger’s, can make a difference in safely riding your bike. Shifting and adjusting your weight while riding, or using additional seat covers to get just the right height or angle can be dangerous and tiresome during regular riding. Once a custom seat is designed for your body, you’ll no longer need to concentrate on sitting just right, and you can enjoy the ride more.

Custom motorcycle seats can be affordable, and are worth the short wait for quality reupholstery work. The added cushion of gel pads sewn right into the seat result in a ride that can last longer and be more comfortable. D & N Upholstery has helped hundreds of bikers get the motorcycle seat they want – call us to schedule your reupholstery work today!