There are a lot of options available out there, some really pricey showroom bike seats that look great on your ride and some top-of-the-line, air-cooled motorcycle seat contraptions that will cost you an arm and a leg. One way to get comfort while you’re riding is to invest in a professional who provides reupholstered motorcycle seats with gel pad inserts.

Top concerns of any bike rider, especially during longer trips, include the thickness and shape of the seat, the fit of the seat to your overall height and build, and shock absorption for your tailbone.

Stock seats are mass produced at phenomenal speeds, which is why they all look the same on the showroom floor. Your body isn’t mass produced, and you might need less padding or more contour in certain areas than a stock seat can provide. Bike vibrations while riding are a common annoyance, but when the vibrations cause seat rub in the wrong areas, it can become uncomfortably painful.

Reupholstery service for your bike seat can give it a fresh look, and if done properly, the technician can also carve and trim contours in the foam that makes up most of the seat. Carving out space for gel pad inserts will add comfort without extra height. Adding extra fabric will prevent seat sweat that so many riders complain about.

Keep these things in mind when you’re looking for a custom bike seat:

  • A full-service specialist who has done hundreds of seats prior to yours,
  • Someone who can do seat repair, reupholstery, and seat reshaping,
  • Someone who takes measurements, or asks for specific measurements from you, and
  • An upholstery specialist who knows how to layer and rebuild the seat properly with quality materials.

Custom motorcycle seats don’t need to be pricey, and they may not be available in your own neighborhood. D&N Upholstery specialized in full service and customer satisfaction, shipping seats to satisfied bikers across the country. Get the reupholstered motorcycle seat you want today by scheduling a custom reupholstery, and include gel pads for affordable, long-lasting comfort.