Warm weather and outdoor entertaining go together, and patio furniture needs to look great to give a good impression. Here are some ideas for using patio furniture, both outside and inside your home, as well as other outdoor patio furnishings that may be helpful this summer.

Types of Patio Furniture

There are basically four types of patio furniture, and each has unique features that people favor. Aluminum furniture withstands the outdoor weather, is lightweight and can be easy to move and arrange for guests.

Wrought iron furniture is very heavy and not easy to move, but gives more of an elegant look to the arrangement than standard aluminum patio furniture.

Wood brings out a natural beauty, and is preferred by many people who have wood decks. However, it will require regular care and resurfacing to protect the wood from the weather.

Wicker is popular for both outdoor and indoor entertainment areas because it’s lightweight, can be painted to fit any color scheme, and often includes cushions to match or complement the décor.

Umbrellas or Awnings

Shade from direct sun is important during outdoor parties, and many people use a variety of table umbrellas or freestanding umbrellas. Awnings can also be installed over a deck area, allowing the sun protection to be rolled out when needed. A strong marine vinyl fabric is often used for these furnishings, as it withstands the wind and rain as well as the hot sun.

Cushions and Table Covers

Many people like the flexibility of changing the appearance of outdoor furniture simply by recovering the seats or switching the cushions or coverings. Durable table covers made from similar material or vinyl can withstand windy days, and can complement the color scheme of the party.

Benches and Storage

Finally, benches and storage pieces can each serve double-duty, offering extra seating as well as hidden areas to store extra items. Benches are often padded with upholstered seat or cushions to match or complement the rest of the patio furniture. Grill covers, smoker covers, and similar coverings can be custom-made to coordinate with your outdoor furniture also.

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