Which RV owner are you? If you’ve bought a brand new RV for camping and traveling, you probably still enjoy the “new” smell and look to everything inside and outside your home on wheels. If you’ve bought a used unit, you can still enjoy a new look with some simple interior RV remodeling.

Depending on the age of RV you have, it could benefit from some fixing up to make it enjoyable again. Some strong elbow grease and a good cleaner can make the cabinets, walls and ceiling shine again; or consider sanding and repainting the cabinet doors for a new look.

The interior may have a dated appearance, with older-looking fabric on the seats, cushions that aren’t very comfortable anymore, and strange fabric for window curtains or valances. Since you’re sprucing things up, check out the huge selection of fabric that could brighten up the small spaces while inviting people to sit down and get comfortable.

If you’ve kept your unit in storage, you may want to take some time to air things out before your first trip. Charcoal pieces placed throughout the interior will help absorb tough odors quickly, so the fresh air from open windows can take away any stale smells. There are other maintenance tips to get ready for a road trip, such as flushing the water lines, checking for leaks, checking electric and gas appliances, and making sure the battery or generator are ready to provide power.

RV vacations are a great way of getting away and relaxing. When you’re ready to give your RV a fresh look, remember that D&N Upholstery can recover those chairs and cushions, making them updated and comfortable again! Call us to schedule time to drop off furniture pieces to reupholster for your RV remodeling project.