Many people are already planning summer vacations, but what does your RV look like after storage from a long season last year? If you want to spruce up the interior of your camper or trailer, consider RV upholstery replacement as an affordable alternative to paying for a full interior remodel.

Reasons to replace your upholstery

  • Fabrics are faded or sun-damaged
  • Cushions got wet and may contain mold or mildew
  • Outdated fabric colors and patterns are no longer appealing
  • Cushions aren’t very cushy anymore

RV Upholstery choices to consider

Fire retardant – also known as flame retardant, is required now in most furniture upholstery fabric, but wasn’t as common many years ago. The fabric may be chemically treated, either sprayed or dipped, to deter flames; or the upholstery fabric may contain a fire-retardant back-coating.

Durability – lightweight, loosely woven fabric may look pretty in your decorating dreams, but won’t withstand repeated use, especially under weather conditions that many experience while camping or RV traveling.

Easy to clean – The better upholstery fabrics are treated to prevent staining, but selecting the right type of upholstery can make a huge difference in how easy it can be kept clean. Recommendations of popular choices include marine vinyl or other durable commercial-grade fabrics such as Sunbrella, and those that are Crypton® upholstery fabric, which resists moisture and has antibacterial properties.

What can be replaced in your RV?

Consider a new look for the folding dinette cushions to add a little pizazz to the eating area of your RV. Cushions can be one color or fabric, with accent piping around the edges for a fresh look.

Sofa beds vary by style and method of installation, but replacing the upholstery on the sofa bed can add a brand new look to that area of the RV. Extra cushions and accent pillows add additional color and style choices. Headboards on bed units may also be upholstered, giving the bedroom area a dramatic new look.

Some people like the chairs inside the RV to match the other furniture, like the sofa and dining benches, while others like to have a separate seating area and use different upholstery colors to show separate sections within a small area.

Don’t limit yourself to sitting areas – door panels and window treatments can also transform the appearance of your RV when updated with modern upholstery choices.

If your RV or camping trailer needs an interior face-lift, RV upholstery replacement can be a cost-effective way of getting a fresh look inside, without breaking the budget.