If you’re ready for a fresh look in your living room, but aren’t ready to buy new furniture, there are some ways of changing the appearance of your room at a fraction of the cost, using upholstery fabric. Take a look at your living room and categorize areas by big focal areas, re-positioning opportunities, and new appearances.

Big focal areas – these include a large sofa, the draperies, or fireplace mantel. They take up a lot of space, visually, as your eye travels through the room. Easy changes in these big areas could include a different swag above existing curtains, a new slipcover for the sofa, or switching the huge painting above the mantel with fabric-covered blocking arrangements in various colors.

Re-positioning opportunities – you may be able to walk through the living room in the dark of night and not stub your toes, but sometimes switching things around gives a new visual appearance, and could even offer more space to the entire room. If the sofa has always had a huge coffee table in front of it, consider adding a different element, such as a storage trunk covered in a bright fabric. You’d still have surface space for beverages and magazines, but the trunk also doubles as a storage area. The bright fabric could contrast or complement the sofa, giving a fresh look with little cost.

A new appearance can sometimes be accomplished with little items, like throw pillows. Cover existing throw pillows with a different fabric, or a combination of colors and patterns, and arrange them on the sofa and chairs for an unusual appeal. Ottoman pieces don’t have to be huge and square, and are often inexpensive to cover with fabric that matches a couple of the pillows. Or, try a brightly-colored table runner on existing end tables or coffee tables that draws the eye into the seating area by the table.

Decorating doesn’t have to be limited to just the holidays. Some of these items could be switched out a few times during the year, giving a different look with the changing seasons, without the cost of different furniture or carpeting.

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