When selecting upholstery fabric for your furniture, there are a lot of factors to consider. Aesthetic choices are obvious as far as color, pattern, and overall appearance. However, there is another aspect of fabric selection that is critical to the longevity of the furniture, and that is the Wyzenbeek score given to the upholstery fabric.

Upholstery experts can assist with fabric selection by recommending specific types based on the way the furniture will be used. Fabric that has been tested with the Wyzenbeek method will have a durability score that indicates how well that fabric will stand up to repeated use without showing excessive wear and tear.

The Wyzenbeek machine performs an abrasion test that repeatedly performs a double-rub in both directions of the fabric. Basically, how many times can the fabric sample come in contact (rubbed against) another fabric before wearing becomes evident.

Upholstery Fabric Recommendations

At D & N Upholstery, we recommend a Wyzenbeek score of at least 20,000 for furniture that will be used on a daily basis. Furniture that would have heavy-duty usage, such as waiting rooms, restaurants, theaters, etc. would require furniture fabric with a much higher Wyzenbeek score. The video below shows a Wyzenbeek machine running the double-rub test on some fabric.

So, when you’re ready for a reupholstery project, consider which upholstery fabric is right for the usage of the furniture. You’ll save time and money by purchasing fabric that withstands surface wear; and it is also available in pleasing colors, patterns, and textures. Remember that the skilled experts at D & N Upholstery can help determine which upholstery fabric is right for you.