Does your home office space invite productivity, or are you distracted with clutter, sounds and noise from the rest of the house? Take a break from the normal routine and give your home office a quick makeover with some simple organization tips that could improve your efficiency and productivity. Three areas to consider for your home office makeover include noise, clutter, and comfort.

Noise distractions

A room that is nearly empty will let sound bounce around on the walls more than a carpeted room that is filled with furniture. That doesn’t mean you need to carpet your floor if you prefer hardwood, or buy extra furniture that won’t be used. Sounds can be absorbed with simple changes to walls and chairs.

For instance, if you’ve used an all-wood chair, consider adding a seat cushion. Adding decorative acoustical fabric squares on the walls can help absorb noise and give a visual change to the entire room. Use some creative imagination and arrange them in patterns or alternate fabric colors to complement the rest of the office decor.

Clutter distractions

A simple shelving unit with fabric-lined baskets can capture loose books, magazines, and office supplies. Baskets can be very affordable, and switching out the fabric lining can give a different appearance to the room whenever you want a change. Even storage boxes can be pretty if covered with decorative paper or fabric.

The old-fashioned looking cork bulletin board can be spruced up with ribbons or covered with upholstery fabric for a new, durable surface that looks great.

Comfort distractions

If you have space in the room, add an occasional chair with a footrest, or huge floor pillows for a brief change from the normal work routine. Sometimes, taking a ten-minute break in a different position can do wonders for alertness and efficiency. Choose a chair or floor pillows that inspire you with their colors while offering comfort during your break.

A window seat in front of a large window provides a sunny place to relax when it has a cushioned seat and accent pillows. Storage in the bottom can hide away larger items not frequently used in the office. Building a window seat can be fairly inexpensive, and covering the cushions with commercial grade or outdoor fabric will make them last longer in the sunny window.

If you’re looking for fabric ideas to give your office a makeover, D & N Upholstery can help you find the right fabric type, pattern, and color for your décor ideas.