Pets make great family members, until they start destroying things. Your once-perfect living room furniture may start looking worn quickly if Fido or Fifi have named that beautiful couch as their favorite nap spot.

If you’re shopping for furniture or are ready to reupholster what you have, there are some tips for pet-friendly fabric choices.

Problems with Pets on Furniture

The kids may love it when Fido jumps up on the couch during family TV time. Or perhaps fluffy Fifi’s best sunning spot is the top of your favorite wing back chair.

Sooner or later, their lounging choices will become obvious – even when they aren’t there.

No matter what kind of animal you have, their hair will find its way onto your upholstery fabric, clinging there until you force it off with brushing or vacuuming.

And then there are the – sniff – odors. All pets have them, and eventually your furniture upholstery will absorb them. Faster if Fido had an “accident” on the couch instead of heading outdoors.

Which also leads to stains and surface damage. You can’t strategically cover these with a throw pillow.

What’s the Best Pet Friendly Furniture?

No, you don’t need to blanket your furniture with heavy-duty plastic to allow for furry snuggles. There are a few options to consider.

Keep in mind the fabric construction and how well it can clean. Some fabrics, such as silk, velvet and suede look luxurious, but won’t do well with furry friends.

Color choices make a difference also. Do you really want a white furniture pallet when Fido sheds his black hair everywhere?

Consider solids and patterns also. Fabric with small patterns may disguise small mishaps, while stains on solid colors are obvious immediately.

Tightly woven upholstery fabric for cats

Best Upholstery Fabric for Cat Owners

Tightly woven fabrics may help prevent Fifi’s claws from massaging a comfortable spot. The higher double-rub rating for the fabric indicates how durable it will be. A high Wyzenbeek score shows the fabric has tested well for abrasion and repeated use.

Look for a cut pile instead of a looped pile. This reduces the surface that the cat can catch its claws into. They enjoy the “pulling out” motion of their claws, so avoid giving them extra surface space to grab onto. We have found that 100% cotton or a lightweight canvas actually works well for cats.

Dogs and Leather Furniture

Many dog owners prefer leather furniture for a couple of reasons. Leather is easy to clean, and with proper care can last a long time. Fido’s drool can be quickly wiped away without long-lasting stains.

Genuine leather lasts longer than man-made. While it is more expensive, you won’t need to replace it nearly as quickly. Minor surface scratches may add character to the piece, especially if it already has a distressed leather appearance.

Are Slipcovers the Best Option for Pet-Friendly Furniture?

Homeowners and apartment dwellers often use slipcovers to change the appearance of their couch. There are a variety of sizes for cushions and chairs also. A proper fit over furniture gives a bright change to the room at a fraction of the cost of new furniture.

Slipcovers come in a wide range of fabrics, colors, patterns, and designs. Look for durability and whether you want to machine-wash the covers frequently. Stain resistant treatments are also important, and how they withstand sunshine or bright lights will determine how quickly they fade. When laundering slipcovers, it is important to air dry them. Putting them in the dryer will affect their fit and treatment properties.

Ideal Pet-Proof Furniture Upholstery

Indoor-outdoor fabric, such as Sunbrella®, is an ideal choice to pet-proof your furniture. This type of fabric is treated to repel moisture and dirt; and is easy to clean when it does become soiled.

While your couch probably won’t look this bad indoors with pets, here is a video that shows how well an outdoor chair covered with Sunbrella® fabric cleans.

Sunbrella® fabric comes in a variety of choices to complement or accent your room. A large selection of colors, solids, and patterns gives you more choices for your furniture because it is so easy to clean and maintain. It’s also soft and comfortable for indoor use.

Crypton is also stain, odor, and moisture resistant. Both of these fabrics are available through D&N Upholstery.

Ready to make peace between your family and furry friends?

You don’t need to give up your pets to enjoy a nice-looking living room or family room. Contact the furniture specialists at D&N Upholstery to talk about getting the right pet-friendly fabric for your furniture.