Winter blahs drag on this time of year, with endless snowy days, little sunshine, and strong winds making an entire house feel cold. Now would be a great time to use scraps of upholstery fabric – or yards of a new pattern or color – to decorate your rooms!

Pillows can change the entire appearance of a couch, loveseat, or futon. Pick an accent color that makes a bold change to your everyday look, and recover some pillows with durable upholstery fabric. Or, sew up some new ones yourself, mixing the size and shape for a unique accent to the couch. There are so many selections available from bright colors, floral or geometric patterns that you can mix and match to make any plain couch more inviting with new accent pillows.

You’ve seen those decorative room dividers that aren’t really dividers, but three-panel frames that add a visual element to the room. Think about covering one or all in a bright upholstery fabric to brighten up the entire room. Creative assembly can make this an easy way to switch out the divider look as the seasons change.

Repaint some picture frames and switch out the photos, or try using upholstery fabric in a bold color as the matting material. Sometimes just changing the wall decorations can add a new image to a ho-hum room.

Get a designer look at a fraction of the cost by covering Styrofoam squares and rectangles with patterns of fabric – or cut apart portions of a fabric scene – and hang together in a block format on the wall. The foam is lightweight and easy to hang, and is easy to recover with different fabric types and patterns whenever you get the whim.

Bring the flowers inside early with decorator fabric used as basket liners, book covers, and beverage coasters. It will give the appearance of a spring-time look early, and have a functional purpose as well.

Furniture upholstery samples can spark a lot of creative ideas, so visit our fabric page or our store to see the variety of options available.