Changing seasons can give anybody inspiration to start projects towards a fresh look in some area of the home. The most popular rooms for a quick changeover are the living room and family room. A simple change of paint color on the walls, new slipcovers or complete reupholstery on the furniture can drastically change the appearance of the room.

A quick search on the Internet produces a lot of resources about newest trends, favorite colors, reliable fabrics, and new ideas for decorating. Here are some interesting items we found about furniture, colors, and long-lasting trends.

Color of the Year

There is usually a “color of the year” announced by Pantone, which prompts many interior designers and even fashion designers to adapt their color palettes.  For 2018, the color chosen was Ultra Violet. The Pantone website explains the emotions and vision associated with this color.

The color choice for furniture can have an impact of the mood within the room. A recent report by Houzz explained how rich colors can add a sense of passion; and greys are the new “beige”.

When selecting a new color scheme, keep in mind the flooring, walls, and woodwork as well as the upholstery color. A splash of color that is accented in a bright, bold floral pattern can brighten up a room quickly, without competing with other color choices throughout the area.

Furniture Fabric Choices

The type of fabric can also follow a trend, or be a reliable, long-lasting favorite. This interior decorator explains the transition that Crypton fabrics made through the years. Classified as a Performance Fabric, Crypton is a leading stain, moisture, and odor resistant performance fabric technology that is now used in both residential and commercial furniture. What used to be a stiff, institutional-feeling fabric now competes with many softer fabric types in popularity.

Furniture Function

Open concept floorplans that have been popular are also affecting furniture choices. The larger, open rooms have plenty of seating space; although people often look for versatility when considering the function of these great rooms. Large, stuffy chairs are often replaced with lighter versions that can be easily rearranged to accommodate many types of gatherings.

And, with inter-generational living in many households now, there is also a trend for dual function furniture. An ottoman is no longer just a footrest; it also doubles as a storage chest to save space. Daybeds arranged like sofa-seating eliminates the need for excess furniture in guest rooms.

It may all seem confusing, but one benefit of working with a reputable furniture upholstery service is the guidance and advice provided. Sample books of fabric swatches can help visualize how reupholstery changes fit into your existing room design. Call D & N Upholstery to get the expert help when you’re ready to make a design change in you home.