Updating a room can get to be expensive, but there are some ways to redesign the look of your bedroom and keep things affordable, especially when you consider the visual appeal of upholstery fabric as your inspiration.

Here are four ways to use upholstery fabric in your bedroom for a fresh, remodeled look.

New headboard for the bed – while a new bedroom suite is probably out of the question when you’re on a budget, coming up with a new visual appeal for the bed can be easy, if you start with the headboard and then switch out bed linens.

If you have a basic headboard frame and can reupholster what’s already there, talk to a furniture upholstery specialist who can recommend the right type of fabric and provide fabric swatches for you to take home and “view” the new look with your existing furniture. If the headboard is detachable, bring it to a reupholsterer to get it recovered in fabric that will give a fresh, new color or pattern to the room.

Get rid of the footboard – sometimes, removing an element of the room changes the perceived space available. If you’re opting for a new headboard design, you may want the footboard to match, or you may want to eliminate it altogether. Store the footboard somewhere for a season and see what a difference it might make in your room. Or, add in an inviting bench at the foot of the bed for a functional change that can also be visually appealing.

One great occasional chair can be a focal point of a bedroom, if it’s made with quality and grouped with a perfect table and lamp arrangement. Add a silk or live potted plant, and a dull corner suddenly becomes an extra relaxing spot in a room where relaxation should be the focal point. Consider the color and pattern of fabric on the occasional chair and choose something that will complement or accent the wall or carpeting colors.

Switch out the pillows on the bed for different sizes and shapes, and choose different upholstery fabric to add texture and design that can give an eye-popping accent to the room. If you can only afford one change in the bedroom, this would be an easy and affordable change to make, and one that can switch out seasonally or with your moods. Choose accent colors or contrasting colors of fabric to upgrade the look of your bed while keeping it affordable for your budget.

So, you don’t need to purchase a new bedroom suite to get a different look for your bedroom. A furniture upholstery specialist can give you fabric ideas and tips for choosing just the right look to redesign your bedroom with upholstery fabric.