Commercial and Medical Furniture Reupholstery

Commercial Furniture and Medical Office ReupholsteryCommercial furniture is most often used in corporate, hospitality, healthcare, retail, educational and congregational environments. With the large selection of fabric choices available, here are some things to consider when reupholstering any office or medical facility furniture.

Product characteristics

When choosing new coverings for your commercial furniture, evaluate the product characteristics like antibacterial, antimicrobial, bleach cleanable, mildew resistant, and ink resistant or stain repellant. Environmentally-conscious consumers may also want to consider fabrics that are sustainable, or include recycled components in the development of the product.

Antimicrobial upholstery has a chemical treatment applied to a fabric to combat growth of disease-causing microbes, general bacteria, and infectious diseases. Common brand names for this treatment include Crypton® and Defiance®.

Mildew resistant fabric can be chemically treated protect the fabric if exposed to moisture for long periods of time.

Furniture upholstery that is one hundred percent polyester is often recommended for durability. Some of the marine-grade vinyl is also a great choice, since these also have antimicrobial and mildew resistance characteristics.

Performance characteristics

Commercial and medical furniture must also withstand a high degree of repeated use. Evaluate things such as abrasion resistance, tensile strength, tear strength, colorfastness to crocking, UV adhesion, and flammability.

Tensile strength is the ability of fiber, yarn, or fabric to resist breaking under tension.

Crocking tests the transfer of color from one fabric onto another fabric by rubbing a piece of white cotton fabric against the test fabric for 10 double strokes under prescribed loading conditions using a Crockmeter. The white fabric is then examined for color transfer. This test is usually repeated with both dry fabric and wet fabric.

Double rub testing determines the durability of the fabric for its intended use. Furniture that meets standards of 30,000 double rubs is usually adequate for light-to-medium use. Heavy use furniture in a commercial setting may require 50,000 double rubs or higher.

Visual preference

Finally, the upholstery fabric available for today’s commercial or medical use can be just as pretty as what one would select for in a home. Color choices, patterns, and accents can blend or mix together to give a striking first impression to your office space or medical facility.

D & N Upholstery has reupholstered furniture in many local medical offices, including the Mercy Health Care Network and Promedica Hospitals in the region. Popular commercial-grade fabrics we recommend include Mayer Fabrics, CF Stinson, Burch Fabrics, and Sunbrella Products, and there is an endless selection of both cloth and vinyl choices. Call us for help with your next commercial furniture makeover.